udhcpc是一个面向嵌入式系统的非常小的DHCP客户端,字母的缩写微- DHCP -客户端(μDHCPc)


udhcpc --help   BusyBox v1.14.1 (2010-01-22 10:35:16 CST) multi-call binary   Usage: udhcpc [-Cfbnqtvo] [-c CID] [-V VCLS] [-H HOSTNAME] [-i INTERFACE]   [-p pidfile] [-r IP] [-s script] [-O dhcp-option]... [-P N]   -V CLASSID Vendor class identifier   -i INTERFACE Interface to use (default: eth0)   -H,-h HOSTNAME Client hostname   -c CLIENTID Client identifier   -C Suppress default client identifier   -p file Create pidfile   -r IP IP address to request   -s file Run file at DHCP events (default /usr/share/udhcpc/default.script)   -t N Send up to N request packets   -T N Try to get a lease for N seconds (default 3)   -A N Wait N seconds (default 20) after failure   -O OPT Request DHCP option OPT (cumulative)   -o Do not request any options (unless -O is also given)   -f Run in foreground   -b Background if lease is not immediately obtained   -S Log to syslog too   -n Exit with failure if lease is not immediately obtained   -q Quit after obtaining lease   -R Release IP on quit   -P N Use port N instead of default 68   -a Use arping to validate offered address


udhcpc -i usb0 -n -n:如果不立即获得租赁,退出失败,避免出现无法获得IP租赁的情况下,程序一直提示“Sending discover...” 默认情况下是获取3次,可通过选项-T修改获取次数 -i usb0 : 使用usb0网络接口,默认情况下是使用eth0接口

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